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This Is My Why


        I am a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I am also a mama to three joyful kiddos, a wife, a USC grad and a wearer of many hats. In a former life, I was a stressed out corporate attorney. After life threw me a curveball with a family health crisis, my husband and I decided to reprioritize and change EVERYTHING! I stopped practicing law, sold our house in So Cal to move up to the farm-to-fork capital, started homeschooling our children and went back to school myself to become an FNTP.  This long road has been a BLESSING and I finally feel like...



        After spending three years in intensive study of a myriad of subjects ranging from gut health; to autoimmunity; to the roles of nutrition, stress management and lifestyle in healing; to the targeted use of supplements; to the importance of the microbiome and even the impact of gene expression on health - I felt compelled to share my knowledge. And most importantly, to offer HOPE and EMPOWERMENT to others who may be struggling!  I feel that my work is not just a career...



If serious health issues have left you feeling hopeless, overwhelmed, scared, confused - I have been down that dark road too, friend.  And now I am here to help guide you on your road back to       health and hope.

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."

             - Mahatma Gandhi

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